Interdisciplinary Summer Seminar on the Morally Exceptional

A two-week summer seminar will be held at Wake Forest University in summer of 2018. The seminar will consist of the Philosophy Director (Christian Miller), 15 participants, and three outside leaders. The participants will be graduate students and pre-tenure faculty from the fields of philosophy and theology. The main purpose of the seminar would be to educate participants about recent work in psychology on good character and its relevance to philosophical and theological thinking, so that they can better advance future research on the morally exceptional themselves and also improve their teaching in the area. Applicants will be chosen on the basis of demonstrated interest and likelihood of future productivity. Each selected seminar member will have travel and lodging costs covered.

The Philosophy Director will lead the seminar, and the three outside leaders would be prominent researchers on moral excellence who would attend the seminar for a day each and lead discussion. The seminar would be timed to end with the start of the Final Research Colloquia, and all seminar participants are expected to attend the colloquia.

More details on how to apply will be available in 2017.