Funding Competition

Wake Forest University, with the help of a generous grant from The Templeton Religion Trust, welcomed proposals for three funding initiatives in the fields of Psychology, Philosophy and Theology. We aim to support young scholars working on the study of moral exceptionality, who often have new and interesting ideas but who have not yet benefitted from traditional funding sources. We believe the field is in a state of readiness for a study of the morally exceptional, but what is needed is a significant infusion of resourced scholars, networked in a carefully managed way, to transform readiness into reality. ​

After receiving over 160 high quality letters of intent in November 2015, an extensive review process took place. Notifications with comments were sent on January 15th, as planned, to those who were invited to submit a full proposal. After receiving full proposals, another extensive review process took place including 15 external reviewers and the internal teams at WFU. Final award notifications for the full proposals were sent out on June 15th. Research commenced in August/September 2016.