White Paper

In order to benefit from a wide range of expertise on the morally exceptional, to provide guidance to the RFP applicants, and to maximize infusion of the field with the topic of the morally exceptional, we held a one-day white-paper meeting with external experts on December 5th, 2015 at Wake Forest University.

The purpose of this meeting was to generate the outline of a white paper on the morally exceptional. The white paper is authored by the Project Director and the Project Leaders. The resulting white paper was distributed to all PIs of full proposals and will be considered for potential publication.

Request a Copy

To request a copy of the White Paper, please send an email to beacon@wfu.edu with the subject “White Paper Request.”

External Experts

Jennifer Herdt, Gilbert L. Stark Professor of Christian Ethics and Religious Studies
Yale Divinity School

Larry Walker, Professor of Psychology, Senior Associate Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
University of British Columbia

Candace A. Vogler, David B. and Clara E. Stern Professor of Philosophy
University of Chicago

Linda Zagzebski
George Lynn Cross Research Professor; Kingfisher College Chair of the Philosophy of Religion and Ethics
The University of Oklahoma